What We Do


Impact Investing

The goal of our funds is to return measurable social and environmental impact as well as market-rate financial returns by backing innovative entrepreneurs that share a vision of a sustainable, more equitable and healthier world.

We invest $500,000 - $1,000,000 in early-stage, high-impact companies and are committed to actively engaging and supporting our portfolio companies through growth and exit to help achieve financial and impact goals.

Investment Focus


Investments across various sectors and industries in the following impact areas.

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    Climate & Sustainability

    Energy & Environment, Transportation Efficiency, Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems

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    Equality & Empowerment

    Work Force Development, Accessibility Technology, Financial Mobility & Inclusion

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    Health & Education

    Healthcare & Medical Technology, Personal Wellness, Education Technology



What We

Look For


Early-stage, for-profit ventures domiciled in North America, actively raising Series Seed - Series A rounds with capital needs between $500,000 - $5,000,000

Strong, diverse, and passionate management teams with proven industry experience and expertise

Post proof-of-concept with clear market traction in the form of revenues ($100K-$5M), contracts, strategic partnerships, users, etc.  

Scalable business models and large addressable markets, with plans to ultimately pursue an exit strategy

Strong IP, clear barriers to entry, and competitive advantage

Dedication and commitment to social and/or environmental impact


Early-Stage, Domestic Impact Investing: A Compelling Market Opportunity for Impact and Financial Return


Undercapitalized: Early-stage companies' capital needs are often too large for "Friends and Family" but too small for traditional VC firms.  


Underserved: There are very few professionally-managed, early-stage funds in the impact investing space available to investors that want to drive change with their investments.


Underexplored: There are many large challenges with profitable solutions that are just now beginning to be explored.