Positive Impact.

Positive Returns.

SustainVC is the manager of a series of early-stage impact investing venture capital funds that makes market-rate equity investments into early-stage companies creating meaningful social and/or environmental impact. Led by a deep team with more than 100 years of investing, startup, and consulting experience, SustainVC has built a 10-year track record of demonstrated, measurable impact as well as proven financial returns. 


We back innovative entrepreneurs that share a vision of a sustainable, more equitable, and healthier world.



Our Impact Areas

Climate & Sustainability

Enabling renewable energy, efficient transportation, and sustainable agriculture, focused on reducing dependency on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.

Equality & Empowerment

Advancing digital inclusion for underserved populations by scaling innovative solutions that provide efficient and lower cost access to information, services, and jobs.

Health & Education

Improving the quality of life for all by reducing costs, increasing access, and improving outcomes in healthcare and education.